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2" Salty Ripper Paddle Tail Purple Haze Swimbait

  • 2" Salty Ripper Paddle Tail Purple Haze Swimbait

This new recipe "Purple Haze" is one we've been testing for a while now with great results. When the water is stained or off-color the purple gets bit really good. We made this color in the new 2" Salty Ripper as another great addition to target the slabs.

For the surf, we recommend carolina rigging these with a sliding egg sinker (1/2-1oz), a 8mm plastic bead, a swivel and about 3 feet of 8-10# fluorocarbon or mono leader with the following hooks:

- Roboworm Aberdeen Rebarb #2 or 4
- Owner Ebi Baitholder #2 or 4
- Gamakatsu Baitholder #2 or 4

Just about any #2 or #4 baitholder hook will also work, but the above mentioned are very sharp and preferred if available.

Thread hook through about 1" of the bait so it comes out downward and centered, in the same direction the tail points.

* 15 baits per pack